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Ukrainian exchange suspends trading in the securities

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The government ignored the appeal for a continuance of restrictive measures

Stock platform “Ukrainian exchange” announced the suspension of trading of all securities in the mode of conventional applications. The announcement appeared today on the official website of stock exchanges.

Ukrainian exchange announced that today in the stock list are stocks, bonds and investment certificates. Also, the market traded futures contracts.

Futures contracts expire after June 15 will be closed early. For this, the Ukrainian stock exchange reported the following conditions. Such decision was accepted Exchange Council of the Ukrainian stock exchange after the state authorities did not reply to the letter sent previously. In the document the stock area requested a deferral for one year sanctions prohibiting the use of the software, produced by Moscow exchange.

We will remind that the Moscow exchange has included in the sanctions list. Her apply personal special economic and other restrictive measures sanctions. Now Moscow exchange has parawa to trade, technology transfer and intellectual property rights. In particular, now sachedina Ukrainian companies to use programs such as “Plaza” and “Forts”.

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