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Report Apple dropped the crisis in the stock market

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The company will soon be worth $1 trillion

After a period of multi-billion dollar collapse of the energy company’s report, Apple has become a major reference point for the market. Investors were expecting the worst, but the company cook had exceeded expectations.

In the weakest quarter for itself, Apple has reported excellent results as well as predicted future growth. In order to costs a trilion dollars, it is left to rise only 5%.

For seven months, Apple has risen by 12%, including 4% of the company received immediately after the publication of the statements. Apple’s revenue rose 17% to $53.3 billion, compared to $52.4 billion, which waited for investors. But more importantly, at the end of the year, the company expects the growth to $60-62 billion, more than the market expected.

Investors were disappointed last week, slow-growing shares in Facebook and Twitter.

Yesterday analysts at Morgan Stanley predicted a global fall of the market and dumping shares of technology companies. It was predicted that the sale will be particularly affected technology companies, the consumer market and companies that have small market capitalization.

The market started falling when the shares of Facebook fell by 24%. It happened on Wednesday, June 25, immediately after the closing of the main trades in the United States. Then also the quarterly financial report of the company disappointed analysts. On this day, Facebook has lost $135 billion market capitalization.

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