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“Blue, White, Hive”: Arnaud Montebourg launched its brand of honey

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The former minister of the Economy to be converted in the honey made in France. He will propose his honey pots as early as September.

The former minister of productive Recovery of François Hollande has completed its investment project in the sector of the honey. In June last year, several rumors were already about a new society driven by Arnaud Montebourg in this area.

“This is another way of being in the service of the society, the more modest, but much more practical,” explains Arnaud Montebourg in the columns of Ouest France.

The statutes of its “company-breeding and repopulation of bees in France” (Seraf) have been filed in February in Dijon (Côte-d’or). The brand is called “Blue, White, Hive”, and the finished product will be, of course, made in France. The project is to buy “honey to the beekeepers French at a higher price than the market, in return for which they undertake to repopulate, that is to say to increase their livestock”, he explains to AFP.

“This year, we plan to acquire 80 tonnes of honey” to “the big ten beekeepers” that are already part of the project, located a little everywhere in France, he said. The brand, already filed, will be officially launched on September 10, on the platform of crowdfunding Ulule, where the honey will be available for pre-sale, and then marketed from October for “a few tens of cents” more than the market price, he said.

“The disappearance of honey bees”

This project responds to “a problem of society: the disappearance of the honey bees” which are necessary for the pollination without which “you lose the fruit, the vegetables to which humans are accustomed,” explained Arnaud Montebourg. In twenty years, honey production has been divided by three in France because of the excess mortality of bees. This decline is particularly attributed to pesticides.

The former minister developing a whole project around the honey. In particular, it is in the process of creating “the high studies bee” at Dijon, a specialized school that would be ten to twenty beekeepers per year. The former minister explained will also be launched in the culture of the almond, by entering at the capital of arborists in the South of France.

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