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A Bank loan will become more difficult and expensive to obtain

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No income loan will not give even wealthy clients

The volume of bad loans in Ukrainian banks continues to grow. This stems from old foreign currency loans, to fulfill the obligations for which the Ukrainians are not able to. But fresh loans, the situation is much better. Largely due to the more rigorous approaches of financiers in the part of verification of solvency of clients and requirements.

However, this good news has a downside: access to credit for Ukrainians aggravated by. To whom a loan is not shining and how the bankers will change the cost of borrowing after the increase in the discount rate of the national Bank said the Executive Director of the Independent Association of banks of Ukraine (NABU) Elena Korobkova.

“The decline will probably be in the summer, when business activity stops. But we need to look at the situation from international donors. Many banks calculate their risks based on these factors, too, and waiting for news on tranche from the IMF. If this does not happen, at least before the elections, increased lending and lower rates will not be” — has noticed in conversation with Korobkova.

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