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Agricultural market reports on active trades in biofuels

Agrarian commodity exchange has already provided the first real conclusion of supply contracts

After you run the test in automated trading platform for biomass in less than a month, and the exchange has already provided the first real conclusion of supply contracts. This was reported by the press service of the Agrarian exchange.

So, in early September, the agrarian exchange summed up the results of actual trading biofuels in the electronic mode with the use of exchange mechanisms. The first trading day ended with the conclusion of contracts for fuel chips and firewood total volume of 3.5 thousand tons and 3 thousand cubic meters, respectively. Prices of contracts for cod 1500-1510 totaled UAH/ton, firewood – 330 UAH/cubic meter.

It is known that the parties to the contract are enterprises from different regions of Ukraine. The platform provides monitoring of the conditions of the contract by both parties. Under the new sections introduced the technology of double counter auction. Participants will be able to register the application and make counter-proposals on an ongoing basis.

The exchange’s plans – expanding the number of participants and establishing an effective dialogue with public authorities to correctly identify the exchange mechanisms in the system of the market of biomass.

“We see the exchange market mechanism, which will set the real cost of biofuels, will regulate the issues of assurance of supply of biofuels counterparties exchange, over time, will be launched classification of biofuels and assurance system and test its quality. It also assumes a civilized mechanism to resolve possible disputes,” – said Georgiy Geletukha, Chairman of the Bioenergy Association of Ukraine.

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