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Apple paid dividends to local shareholders |

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Payments are made in dollars


The American company Apple paid dividends to its shareholders, including those who are in Ukraine. About it reported the edition “New time” in the press service of the National Depository of Ukraine (NDU).

The first payment was made may 16, 2019, and on account of the NDU, the money was deposited on June 14. The amount of the institution named.

As you know, Apple’s shares were admitted to circulation in Ukraine of 12 March 2019. They are fairly attractive to investors from the point of view of profitability, because in less than seven years, the dividend has grown seven times, and over the past five years, Apple shares rose 110,57%. For Ukrainians the purchase of Apple shares can be interesting also because the company pays a dividend in dollars.

NDU said that the maintenance payments of dividends on shares of Apple were conducted in accordance with the currency regulations of the United States, according to which a tax of 30% withheld at the source of profit, if the owner of the time has not passed the procedure of certification for tax evasion.

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