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Cheap is good – In the case of loans, the not working but always!

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Here are the cheapest provider is not always the Best. Who leaves in comparison portals on the Internet solely to the illustrated conditions, makes a mistake.

Whether insurance, electricity provider or the lender – the number of suppliers is often large. Especially in the case of the search in the Internet, customers can quickly lose the Overview.

But Be Careful:
In the case of loans, it is not only on low interest rates.

Most Comparison sites work on the same principle: The cheapest provider wins.

A comparison solely on the basis of the interest rates can be misleading. “The level of loan interest depends, as a rule, of the credit of the customer.”

This means:
A financial institution assesses a customer’s solvency worse, it will have to pay more interest than the comparison of the Portal what is suspect. Only a few banks offer the same interest rates for all credit ratings. Other customers sit with a low credit rating-value circuit.

Anyone who starts a loan comparison, you must remember that all facilities are optimally set.

Whether you get the loan to any of these conditions, you may not recognize.

In addition, promotional offers in the first few results are often found.

Don’t fall for this bait and switch.

“Who’s at the top, is therefore not always the Best.”

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