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Credit with any debt enforcements – unfortunately not possible

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Each Bank must assess the creditworthiness of a customer and enforcements are now once that is generally regarded as not credit-worthy and no credit.


Many consumers want to pay with a credit your open enforcement. Unfortunately, this is only possible in rare cases. We will show you what you can do nevertheless, to get a loan.

When you lose no time:

  • Personal bankruptcy
  • Loss seem
  • Wage garnishment

apply in the case of the banks, not credit worthy, therefore, of these cases, NO CREDIT is POSSIBLE!

Paid Enforcement

In the case of paid enforcement should actually have a CREDIT POSSIBLE to be. But again: no rule without an exception.

Open Enforcement

In the case of open enforcement is, unfortunately, NO CREDIT is POSSIBLE. This must be the best right from the betreibungsamt deleted paid.

It applies: before a request is made, need to be adjusted to the prosecutions, because otherwise you risk a rejection, deteriorates, in turn the credit.

Here are some tips:

  • Debt collection from its own resources, pay (e. g. Savings, 13. Monthly wage, etc.)
  • short loans families or Friends requests
  • short loans from the employer
  • you can also apply for the deletion from the registry
  • so, one reason lots of drivers we listed in the betreibungsamt

In the case of paid enforcement always the deletion from the Register request.

The driver is pulled back to the office in writing, it will disappear from the excerpt. A retreat is so in the case of justified claims of the creditor. However, we need as a debtor on the Goodwill of the creditor. This is likely to contested pull a driver is most likely back, if the debtor paid the claim, together with interest and accrued costs – under certain circumstances.

Individual firm demand for the withdrawal of a lump sum “expense allowance” of up to 200 francs. Whether you are entitled to is disputed. Anyone who is in need of a clean extract, nothing else often remains as a small help. These claims to negotiate down, you can offer the creditor to write the withdrawal request yourself, and to him for signature.

Happy to help and advise you, so in difficult situations. On the phone they receive from our credit experts will quickly and competently.

In the case of debt: Contact a cantonal advice.

Addresses of reputable debt advice agencies

NOTE: prior to the dubious credit offered on the Internet! On the Internet many temptations, loans spite of debt collection or credit without ZEK/SCHUFA, credit with Foreign banks, etc. are circulating

The scammers send a “binding contract confirmation” financial sanieurung, which appear at first sight seriously. In the rear of the paragraphs a finder’s fee shows up but then all of a sudden. It should be noted that only after the completion of the Transfer, the contract documents will be sent to you. Read our Blog post, “note: prior to the dubious credit offers”.

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