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Curaleaf IPO

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Curaleaf raised approximately $400 million

Curaleaf company dealing with distribution of marijuana and drugs based on it in the US, IPOs in Canada and raised approximately $400 million.

According to RBC, taking into account the value of the shares after the placing, the capitalisation Curaleaf reached $4 billion, making it the largest in the sector.

“We raised funds that can be used to continue business. We expect soon a large consolidation — we go to it very quickly,” — said the head of the Board of the company Boris Jordan.

  • In Canada fully legalized cannabis for use in medical purposes. This is the second country of the “Big seven”, where now all its citizens above 18 years are allowed to buy, sell, keep and grow marijuana at home, but not more than 30 grams, and to grow only four plants.
  • For the adoption of the law voted 52 Senator, against was 29. Skeptics of legaliza say that legislation is not worked out, in particular, does not address the issue of driving while intoxicated marijuana.

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