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Exchange Bitfinex temporarily stopped their work

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Problem found and eliminated

Major cryptocurrency exchange Bitfinex said in his Twitter on the suspension of trading and the opportunity to make money. The reason was unplanned maintenance. Also, the customer is assured that funds are safe.

Representatives apologized for the inconvenience and said that soon all the functionality will be restored. Customers directed to the official website of the stock exchange that they were aware of the events and were able to continue work immediately after recovery of the equipment.

We will remind, recently Visa given failure around the world except some countries. The card holders could not withdraw funds in payment for goods and services. The company received many complaints from the EU and the UK. But the Netherlands were able to avoid the problem. The owners of these Bank cards is not noticed difficulties in the operation of the system.

The impossibility of the operation was confirmed by the employees of the shops, restaurants and other businesses that can accept non-cash payments. At the beginning of this week the problem was resolved and the system is partially restored.

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