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Make an application for personal credit is the easiest and fastest way to fund projects that are close to your heart without having supporting documentation. But between all the offers that are offered to you, it is often difficult to sort out. Here are a few techniques that can help you to find a personal credit at the best price.

Use the sites for comparative offers

You don’t have to look far to find quickly and easily a personal credit at the best rate. You do not 36 000 solutions for you to reach your goal. It is sufficient to take advantage of the free offers comparison of bank products. To do this, it will just make you for example on the link, and fill out the form that is on the top of the page, it will suffice to indicate the type of amount you want, the amount and the duration, complete with your personal information to create your profile and complete your application. Your credit application will be forwarded to a dozen organizations at once, you will only have to wait for a call from the banks or receive offers by e-mail and select the rate that best responds to your expectations.

For your information, the credit rate staff have changed little since the fall of the market last year. Currently, the APR for a personal loan of this kind will fluctuate between 2.50 % and 7.70 %. It all depends on the quality of your file and the amount you borrow.

Online banks : still more advantageous

Despite the comparisons of bids, the question of the choice between an online bank and a bank of physical remains. And what about to choose between one or the other, the online banking remains an option that is widely preferred by the individuals. And for good reason, the institutions virtual offer benefits more modest, more simple and faster.

The application fees are almost nil, and the penalties for early repayments are lower : everything is done to attract the maximum of customers. To this is added a reply of principle in less than 24 hours and client service quality.

To make an application for consumer credit, you simply have to follow the links on the comparison websites and fill in the appropriate form according to your needs and expectations. You’ll have a rapid return.

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