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You have decided to invest in real estate and your choice falls on a building report ? This already means that you are ready to take on a big challenge, a challenge that promises to be beneficial to the condition to adopt the good strategies on the acquisition of your property. To quickly take advantage of your real estate property, the best alternative is to acquire a real estate loan.

However, it is necessary to be particularly convincing to your credit institution all the more credit torequest promises to be high. Here are some ideas that will improve your profile borrower.

The intake staff to impress the banks

Given that the purchase of an investment property represents a significant investment, banks are often reluctant to provide credit without a guarantee in concrete. It is at this stage that the contribution of staff between games. In fact, if you are decided to buy this type of real estate property, you need to certainly have a fairly large amount of money that you have set aside. Please do not hesitate to make a personal contribution to bank because the game is worth the candle.

Have a situation above reproach to his bank

If you have a bank account and that you have never been to discovered, be aware that this situation plays in your favor. In effect, the credit institutions generally seek the presentation of last three account statements. These documents enable them to judge of the way in which borrowers manage their finances and to identify, by the same those who can benefit from a credit.

Pay its debts

If you want to get a credit for the purchase of an investment property, you must pay all your debts before you make your application. In fact, taking out a loan means debt, as the banks are now with a debt ratio of 33%. Beyond this rate, the demand for real estate credit is immediately denied. In fact, the real estate loan to finance the purchase of a building report leads to this debt ratio. With other forms of credits that are added to it (consumer credit, credit révolving…), the debt ratio largely exceeds the one allowed.

Demonstrate professional stability

For any request of credit real estate, the banks are very strict in order not to fall on insolvent clients. Thus, to put all the chances on your side for the agreement of the real estate credit you must demonstrate that you have a stable job. With a contract of indefinite duration, impress easily banks and even more so if you touch a high salary.

To highlight its ability to save

If you have decided to buy a building report, please do not hesitate to demonstrate your ability to save if this is the case. In fact, the people who manage to put money aside regularly easily get a credit. It is also important to know that banks clearly prefer the people who manage to save to those who have a high salary but who find themselves short every month.

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