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How to reduce spending?

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Cheaper mobile phone contract, the use of energy-saving lamps, no over-priced brand products: There are many ways to reduce the monthly expenses without changing their lifestyle significantly. Here we have compiled some useful tips on how to make easy savings.


Save when food shopping

  • Pay attention to promotions and special offers and buy family packs, where possible.
  • Select products, the own brands of the respective super market. They are usually cheaper than the actual branded items.
  • You can buy fruits and vegetables that are in season.
  • If possible, avoid Convenience products, i. e., products or meals that are already pre-cooked.
  • Shop with a list and on a full stomach. Therefore, you get less tempted to put too many Extras in the basket.

Save in the case of larger and smaller purchases

A further saving possibility to offer Second Hand stores or charity shops. However, make sure that the products are intact and operational. Save a lot is also in the sale depending on the product, during the whole year.

You can also ask your friends. Many Were at home, you no longer need to have: especially children’s clothes and toys will be happy to give more.

If you make a major purchase, and you can also request to blithely discount. Sometimes it is worth to buy instead of the still Packed object, an exhibition copy from the shop window, or Showroom.

So used cars are worth Considering: The experience shows that the largest loss in value of a vehicle occurs in the first few years. It is important that the vehicle is carefully checked before you sign the contract. It’s always best to Test a TCS or by a qualified person to accompany.

When you Live something, to not need unnecessary heating and electricity it brings with it – turn on unnecessary lights, turn off electronic devices (not on Stand-By), and heating them with restraint.

The big Minus on the account of Christmas can be avoided by so every month some money to the side for gifts.

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