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I’m credit-worthy?

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Certain information relating to the loans, the you complete, are collected by the Central credit information bureaus. A financial services company wants to check your credit (credit capability) and then decide whether you can be granted a new loan.


Credit check

Certain personal information of the so-called consumer loans, which you complete, are collected in accordance with the statutory requirements of the Central credit information center.

You registered within the meaning of the consumer credit act (KKG) data from credit and leasing operations to private purposes. In accordance with statutory requirements, the financial services company is obliged to check their creditworthiness (credit capability) and then to decide whether you can be granted credit.

Reporting obligation of the lender

The credit donors committed to the inside only, the credit information centre, the procurement of consumer report loans, but also, for example, if a client is with payments in arrears.

Secure your good reputation

  • Set a suitable Budget. You take into account all the expenditure, especially fixed, but also the variables, such as output, gifts, spontaneous purchases etc. they do not lightly assume that they want a belt buckle, during the term of the loan without further-tightening.
  • Be honest with yourself: Can you afford the consumer request, with the credit to Finance, really?
  • They also try to anticipate what changes might be suffered by your Budget during the term of the loan. Your site is safe? Survive the joint household with your partner in life expected to the loan duration or if there are already serious signs of Crisis want? A child has come into the world during the term, at best?
  • Pay rates for at least the Minimum agreed – higher Council of payments are, of course, always possible.
  • If your financial Situation changed to your detriment, and you are no longer able to meet their obligations, with share the best, without delay, to your creditors or contact a debt-counselling service.

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