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In the United States, China and Japan decrease in quotations on the stock exchanges

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The decrease observed on the markets of Japan and China

Us stocks fell on Thursday 9 February by 4%: in particular, the Dow Jones fell by 4.2%, while the S&P 500 of 3.8%. Against the background of falling U.S. stock market fell quotes and other global exchanges.

The Nikkei index dropped by 2.92% (638, 63 points) and amounted to 21252,23 points. About it reports Reuters. Quotes Chinese stocks fell after the collapse of the American and Japanese markets: the Shanghai Composite index fell by 5.8%, the Hang Seng 4%.

As previously reported, UBR, US stocks ended on 8 February in negative territory after rising earlier in the session, signalizoval that investors are still worried in the recent market decline, fearing its continuation. The S&P 500 index decreased at the end of a volatile session, although spent a significant part of trading in the positive territory. On Monday, the index showed a maximum of more than 6 years one-day drop. The Dow Jones declined 0.08 percent to 24.893,35 points, index S&P 500 by 0.50% to 2.681,66 points, the Nasdaq Composite 0.9 percent to 7.051,98 points.


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