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Thunderstorms: Nearly 800 homes still without power in the Nièvre

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Dijon – Almost 800 homes were still without electricity Thursday afternoon in Nièvre, a result of the storms that have affected the department the previous night, announced the prefecture in a press release.

If “777 households are still without electricity, the situation will tend to normal by the end of the day thanks to the mobilisation” of the manager of the electricity distribution network Enedis said the prefecture after a balance sheet prepared as at 14: 30. In the late morning, 1.244 homes were concerned.

“The power cuts are numerous, in particular because of the explosion of a transformer in Fertrève and cables severed. Reinforcements have been requested by Enedis from Saône-et-Loire”, had indicated the authorities in the morning.

In this same department, a house was destroyed overnight by a fire caused by lightning in Nevers, which damaged two neighboring homes. No injuries is deplorable.

Due to fallen trees on the canals and roads, river navigation was prohibited on Thursday and the county Council has mobilized eight teams to clear the roads congested.

Mini-tornadoes were also reported in different places. The damage due to strong gusts of winds relate mainly to roofs damaged, with varying degrees of severity. In Champlin, a farm building of 400 square meters has been completely destroyed.

The firefighters, who were called in Thursday morning on a fifty interventions in the department for property damage, were still mobilized over a dozen operations on Thursday afternoon.

The force secured these transactions when they took place in the border of the roads and had been counted on Thursday morning, about twenty interventions.

The prefecture has enabled the operational Centre county in the morning to take stock of the damage caused by this “strong thunderstorm activity” and to coordinate the actions of relief.

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