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Investors sell shares of Boeing paper fell by 12% |

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Investors are buying up paper Airbus


Shares of aircraft giant Boeing fell at the opening of trading on the new York stock exchange. So investors reacted to the news of the fall of the liner 737 Max March 10 in Ethiopia.

This reaction, however, was expected: a similar trend paper showed after a similar incident with the liner companies in Indonesiai in October last year. And in the previous auction this morning, investor sentiment was obvious. At its peak, the price of one Boeing shares fell to $374,71 (-11,32%). At the same time, the shares of their direct competitor, the Airbus rose by 0.79% to us $112,40 for the paper. As you know, the rule of Limit Up/Limit Down trading on exchanges stop if the stock price falls or rises by 10% in five minutes. It should be noted that half an hour later, the price of shares of the American Corporation was adjusted to $389.

In the Boeing discovered a dangerous vulnerability

We will remind that on March 10 in Ethiopia crashed latest and, as it was believed until now, the safest passenger plane in the world — the Boeing 737 MAX. The ship, carrying out regular flight from Addis Ababa to Nairobi, stayed in the air for only about six minutes. The plane climbed to an altitude of 2.6 km and managed to gain a speed of 700 km/h. But then collapsed to the ground. The accident killed 157 people from 30 countries.

After this accident, the company management decided to postpone the planned March 13 presentation of the 777x airliner, without specifying a new date. It is obvious that to obtain at least preliminary data of the investigation show the capabilities of the product Boeing will not.

“We will examine the opportunity to mark the debut of the new aircraft in the near future,” said Boeing.

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