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The rate of the real estate credit can they lower in 2017 ?

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At the approach of the year 2017, the French families are waiting for renewal, especially in the field of real estate credit. A question arises, then, is that it would be possible to expect a decrease in the rate of real estate credit ?

An inflation rate on the rise

The bank forecast an inflation rate of 1.10% for the year 2017. Compared to this, the rate of real estate credit can only be revised upwards.

In addition, it has been already found that in the month of November of the year 2016, the banks have already increased rates on real estate. For the new year, the group KG Credit predicts that they are going to do everything in order to sustain their economic models and a substantial increase will take place in mid year.


An uncertain financial situation

The economic situation in 2017 is reflected by what is happening on the markets since mid-November. It has been noticed that in this last quarter of 2016, is characterized by instability and price increases. However, a relative calm has been found at the level of real estate lending. The banks are now in a period of refinancing. The borrowing rate in real estate has not yet increased. And this state may stabilize or increase moderately for the beginning of the year 2017. Therefore, it is possible to have an increase of 1.80% for the new year.

The Law Fir 2, a hope for the lower rate real estate

November 8, 2016, the law called Fir 2 relative to transparency, the fight against corruption and modernization of the economic life has been passed. This law ensures the enlargement of the possibilities of termination of insurance real estate loan. To this effect, it will therefore allow customers to further negotiate the amount of insurance real estate loan. For those who plan to make an acquisition in real estate, they must prepare because the trends show that by 2017, the tax credit rate real estate will know a moderate increase.

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