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It has never been so interesting to finance the purchase of a property using a loan. However, it is not necessary to be a recent borrower to take advantage of lower rates. The purchase of credits, and collection of loans are also affected by this decrease in history.

The interest rates of redemptions of credits have fallen

The interest rates on housing loans have fallen sharply.

It is the fact undeniable drawn up by the professionals of the sector. From November 2015, their average has dropped significantly. According to the Observatory Credit Housing, it amounted to 1.41% for the month of September 2016.

However, during the month of October, the drop rate seems to reach its floor. In fact, some slowdown is observed even stability. For households in search of acquisition of a property, the last weeks of 2016 promise to be decisive in their approach. Economic observers are betting for a rise in rates during the next year. Even if this comeback should not be brutal, it means that it is more expensive to borrow money.

Currently, the bankers must meet their goals in 2016. This leaves a nice margin of negotiation for buyers of real estate in order to get the interest rate the more interesting.

If the economic climate was beneficial to the purchase of a principal residence or rental investment, it is also favourable to the redemption of real estate credit. Because if the rates on loans have decreased, it is the same for those in redemptions of the loans.

Reduce its debt level with the pooling of credits

The repurchase of borrowing is an operation that aims to settle a loan for a getting a new one with another bank. The borrower is then able to obtain a lower interest rate interesting and so make significant savings by reducing the duration of the loan. If it also wishes to reduce its rate of debt, and even make a new project, the borrower may turn to the grouping of loans.

Other transaction banking offers the possibility to gather several loans into a single loan. Thus, it is possible to aggregate real estate loans, consumer loans, car loans, or work within a single loan. By adjusting the amount of the monthly payment is obtained with the income level of the borrowers, their debt ratio will decrease. The consolidation of loans allows a household that is experiencing difficulties to manage to the best of his or her finances on a monthly basis.

The interest rates charged for purchases and collections of loans are currently attractive that ilss’act of mortgage or consumer loans. So this is a good time to think about the purchase of credits.

How to get the best rate credit redemption ?

Just like in real estate loans, it is necessary to compare to find the funding, the more interesting. In terms of grouping of credits, the ideal is to contact an intermediary in operations of bank. Such a specialist is in relation with several financial institutions. This diversity allows him to offer a borrower the best offers to purchase real estate loans or consumer credits.

Often, the experts of the banking operations, have powerful simulation tools online. This calculator on the internet enables you to encrypt the amount of the monthly payment is obtained after the operation of redemptions of bonds. A financial analyst will then be able to guide and accompany the applicant.

It is not necessary to have taken out a loan before the year 2015 turn to a buyout. Because between January and September 2016, the rate fell 70 basis points. A decrease sufficient to make a purchase of credits interesting from an economic point of view. In conclusion, it is indeed the time to think about it.

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