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Don’t spend more money than you can afford. We would like to point out that Best Finance is making an active contribution to avoiding the debt of young adults. In handling money we recommend you the following:


  • You get an Overview of all your income and expenditure.
  • Create a personal monthly budget with all of the regular and sporadic expenses, such as Housing, taxes, insurance, home, health, transport, leisure, etc., you Determine your monthly Surplus. You can use our budget calculator or request a form from us
  • Make timely provisions for unexpected expenses like dentist, repairs, buses, rent increases, accidents. To create a extra account at your Bank
  • Plastic money is convenient. You can use it only within your budget
  • O never buy without a Plan and without a critical Check
  • Automate your payment, e. g. direct debit procedure (LSV) for health insurance premiums and phone bill, standing orders for rent

These measures will help you your financial scope are not fully exhausted. You can avoid this serious financial constraints.

With a clear Conscience, you can the best to the fulfillment of your plan if you use:

  • A realistic budget planning have created
  • The Benefits of your purchase are safe
  • To shop generously, i. e., nothing to purchase, you could not save within the duration of the credit contract itself
  • Be sure that you in addition to the monthly Rate of sufficient financial leeway remains to your usual standard of living to maintain
  • Be aware that the monthly payment rates with decreasing duration can be a burden, because their acquisition may lose the charm of the New with the time.

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