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NSSMC: market Participants must stop using banned in Ukraine software systems Plaza and Forts

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Sanctioned software was used by the “Ukrainian exchange”

The national Commission on securities and stock market notes that since may 14, 2018 was introduced restrictive measures, including stock market participants of Ukraine.

Sanctions introduced by the decree of the President of Ukraine No. 126 / 2018 “About the decision of the Council of national security and defense of Ukraine dated 2 may 2018 On the application and cancellation of personal special economic and other restrictive measures.”

The restrictive measures imposed by decision of the security Council, have direct effect, including the prohibition of the Ukrainian enterprises to use in their activity of electronic trading system “AT the Plaza” and “Forts”.

Professional stock market participants using specified a software should stop doing it. And ignoring of sanctions is an offence.

Now the Commission takes measures for comprehensive and full implementation of security Council decisions and analyzes the regulatory and Supervisory consequences of the use of professional stock market participants of prohibited software.

Among other things, the Commission updates the information about all software systems used by exchanges and trading participants on the stock market of Ukraine.

We recall that recently, the securities Commission stated that it would study the issue of sanctions against MICEX-RTS and their software, which uses the “Ukrainian exchange”. As you know, the “Ukrainian exchange” uses the terminal for futures and options Plaza2, which is specified in the list belonging to the Moscow exchange.

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