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On Prozorro think how to expose unscrupulous companies |

On Prozorro trying to stop conflicts between buyers and sellers


The bid site Prozorro though to make a list of unreliable participants in public procurement. About said the Deputy Director of GP “Prozora” for the development of business processes Andrey Kuzmenko. But immediately recognized that the format for it has not yet been approved and consultations are ongoing.

Bidders a long time complaining on each other to guide Prozorro and to the competent authorities (Antimonopoly Committee and the State audit service). Providers say about dishonest customers, and acquirers of goods and services accused of the dishonesty of contractors.

Because at the site thinking how to turn this “complaint book” in the useful registry. And do everything to avoid being called “black list”.

“When we created the site Prozorro, once you understand that, we have no black lists. Too high is the risk of manipulation. But we now see the problem, and just last week discussed with DoZorro (a project of Transparency International analysis work Prozorro — Ed.) the possibility of developing some alternative tool. It needs to be such that it is impossible to classify, and which cannot be manipulated. And with his help it was possible to obtain information about dishonest customers and suppliers,” — said Kuzmenko.

He explained the reluctance to create a blacklist is not technical, and legal issues that may arise from Prozorro as state-owned enterprises. Besides, nowhere is not legally prescribed criteria and a mechanism that would allow “label” unscrupulous partners.

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