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Security Of Credit Cards?

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Credit cards are often to indispensable means of payment. To protect against abuse, but some guidelines must be followed. The most Important thing: the loss of the card immediately to report it.

Safety Tips For Everyday Life

  • Sign the credit card immediately after receipt on the back.
  • The card should never be left unattended around.
  • You treat the card like cash.
  • If you give the card to make a payment to a third party, make sure that you can keep track of the transaction – for example, on a restaurant table or at the checkout.
  • Always check the amount of money on the receipt.
  • Do not sign any Blank documents.
  • Collect all the receipts and check your monthly statement.
  • You don’t run the PIN-Code in written Form.
  • Select the sequence for your PIN Code, to abstract numbers. Date of birth, car number, or other easy-to-understand combinations are to be avoided.

Safety Tip Abroad

Will be presented to you in a foreign country is a proof of purchase receipt to the signature on the exchange rate and the sum in Swiss francs are indicated: do not write to have the course reviewed. This is often massively worse than that of their credit card company at home. You can insist on paying in local currency.

Secure Online Shopping

  • The 3-D Secure technology Standard for secure payment with credit cards on the Internet.
  • You look for in a Online-Shop to logo with the words “Verified by Visa” or “MasterCard SecureCode”.
  • This technology is not offered, the following applies: only enter your card information, if a 128-Bit SSL connection (SSL: Secure Sockets Layer).
  • Search a 128-Bit-SSL-connection is not available, please submit your data by Fax or by phone. See if you are in doubt of a purchase order.
  • Give you of incoming phone calls, no information about your card information, before you are not been clearly identified.
  • Of orders on public computers should be avoided.
  • Protect your Computer with a current version of virus protection Software or a Firewall technology.

For Emergencies

  • In the case of loss of card at home or abroad, please report immediately by calling your card Issuer or an emergency number that is available around the clock for 24 hours.
  • You notify your credit card company if they discover a wrong reservation or other suspicious evidence on your statement. The card will be blocked in both cases. For you there will be no damage.
  • In the case of a theft, you report to the police. You require finally, a copy of the police report.
  • You carry the emergency numbers.

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