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App from the Apple made a mistake and announced the price hike of the company to a trillion $

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The application did not consider the shares purchased in the last quarter

Users of iOS devices might have noticed that the Stocks app that monitors the quotations on the stock markets, said that Apple shares exceeded the cost of a trillion dollars. This writes the Independent.

After a few minutes it turned out that the app made a mistake. This could be due to the fact that the service did not consider the shares that the company bought back in the last quarter.

As of 18:34 financial services of Google and Yahoo! estimate the total value of the company in 956 and 958 billion, respectively.

Quarterly reports Apple has raised the company’s stock nearly 6%. Its market capitalization increased to $990 billion.

To achieve the capitalization of a trillion dollars, companies need to grow by only 1%. Currently one share is worth $201,5, and Apple need to reach prices of $203,45.

The only company that capitalization reached $1 trillion was a Chinese state oil company Petrochina. She crossed the border only on one day in January 2007, immediately after its IPO.

We will remind, after a record decline of stocks of technology companies, Apple has surpassed forecasts of analysts.

Revenue grew 17 percent to 53,27 billion, thus exceeding expectations by almost a billion. Net income increased by 32% and made up 11.52 billion. It also exceeded forecasts.

Last week, experts were disappointed with the results reporting Facebook and Twitter, which affected the value of shares of companies.

Before Morgan Stanley analysts predicted the global market decline and the sale of shares of technology companies.

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