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The cyber-police has exposed an extensive scheme of appropriation of funds of citizens

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The scheme operated under the guise of participating in an online auction currency pairs

The cyber-police has exposed the organizers of large-scale fraudulent financial online exchange. The criminals acted on the territory of several countries. One of their offices was in Kiev and had about 60 employees. During the search police seized customer base, which numbered more than 15 thousand people. About it reports a press-Department service.

The criminal group operated in 2013. Its members, headed by 28-year-old foreigner who organized the criminal scheme for the appropriation of funds of citizens. The scheme operated under the guise of participating in an online auction currency pairs (binary options), using a number of online resources.

Criminals specially created web resources “binex. EN”, “”, “”. They had the purpose of attracting potential customers and creating the impression of participating in a real financial trading. The client had asked to take part in the auction by opening a demo account with which was created in imitation of the successful tenderers. After that the potential victim was asked to open a real account.

Using a number of methods of psychological influence and specially designed programs, scammers have targeted customers the maximum contribution to your account. Thus, the greater the Deposit amount, the probability of successful bidding grew. At the same time, the attackers purposefully conducted a series of operations that led to loss of money involved in these “bidding”. In the case the victim attempts to withdraw their money ahead of time, fraudsters under different pretexts refused and offered to continue the auction.

In Kiev field investigators, the police carried out the authorized search in the office of the fraud. During the search police found a client base that consisted of about 15 thousand people (as citizens of Ukraine and foreigners), CRM system (it was made the administration, analysis, statistics gathering and manipulation of accounts of victims), record conversations with clients (about 60 thousand hours), the list of Bank accounts of fraudsters and draft records.

In law enforcement bodies of the countries, which also housed offices of fraudsters by Interpol will be sent reports of the discovery of this criminal group for information and response.

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