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The dollar has rolled down after the fall of the American and Japanese markets |

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After the United States fell to the Japanese market


Confusion and vacillation in the us administration and disagreements with the fed’s negative impact on world Finance. First and foremost, for those that don’t celebrate Christmas today. On the morning of 25 December, the index of the Japanese stock exchange Nikkei 225 fell below a 15-month low (below $ 20000). And the dollar has fallen by 0.27% against the Japanese yen to ¥110,12/$.

Around the world talked about the American shutdown (underfunding by the state government and closing agencies), as well as about the confrontation between the American President Donald trump, speaker for the lower rates of the U.S. Central Bank, fed Chairman Jerome Powell, who this rate constantly increases. Against this background rumors about the resignation of the Federal reserve.

“If you talk about the dismissal of Powell’s will be more realistic, it would undermine the fed’s independence as a Central Bank and eventually confidence in the dollar,” commented Reuters economist at Sumitomo Mitsui Trust Bank Ayako Sera.

These comments fell after the worst U.S. performance over the whole trading history in the Catholic Christmas eve. 24 December, the Dow Jones fell by 2.91% (21792,20 points), and the S&P500 by 2.71% (up to 2351,10 points), NASDAQ — 2.21% (up to 6192,92 points).

The dollar began to give way to all, although before the party was moving in different directions.

“At the end of last week, major currencies showed mixed dynamics. The U.S. dollar fell Australian dollar (-2,02%), canadian dollar (-1.58%) and new Zealand dollar (-1,24%). The increase showed the Japanese yen (+1,95%), Euro (+0,59%), British pound (+0,33%) and Swiss franc (+0,28%),” — said analyst of Alpari Vladislav Antonov.

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