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The main financial events for the new week |

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The week begins with news from China, and conclude with a fresh report from the U.S.


This week global markets will be affected by many factors, and trade promises to be very active. The Deputy Director of the information analytical center of Alpari Anna Kokoreva have identified the main events that may affect the situation on the currency and stock markets.

Monday, January 21. The first day of the week is the weekend for Americans. In the United States will celebrate the Day of Martin Luther king. Therefore will not work nor the stock exchange nor banks. Ukrainian companies will not be able to send dollar-denominated payments and transactions on the interbank market will take the tom. However, on other sites trade goes full swing, especially in Asia. Early in the morning, Chinese authorities will publish its report on increasing the GDP, industrial production and unemployment. And economists not very optimistic: the economy of China in the quarter will reduce its growth of 1.5%, and will be 6.4%, the industry will reduce production rates from 5.4% to 5.3%. All this may upset not only Asian markets but also commodity platforms, including oil.

Tuesday, 22 December, UK will report on the growth of salaries on the island. But in the United States will give statistics on sales of new housing (secondary market). If the pound, according to analysts, because new data is not much affected, here the dollar is tipped slightly weaker.

Wednesday, 23 January, Canada will publish retail sales data. They are expected to positive, and tipped growth rate of the canadian dollar in tandem with American counterpart. Analysts expect growth of the canadian dollar in tandem with American currency to 1,319.

Thursday, January 24. News of the day will be the ECB meeting and its decision on the size of the bet. To it must publish a fresh index of business activity in manufacturing and retail. At the same time the European Central Bank no no surprises waiting. He didn’t want to raise his bid, and will not increase before mid-year. Because now you can safely listen common assessments from officials and to plan their work for the Euro without them. However, a production report is expected of them quite good, because the movement in the pair dollar/Euro forecast in the area of 1,145.

Friday, January 25. From this day on, not expecting any surprises, and forecast sluggish trade. Of the important reports only mention one — the orders for durable goods in America. From the Yankees do not expect big breakthroughs, because there is hope for a new rise of the Euro against the dollar.

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