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The price of Brent rose to $80 a barrel for the first time since November 2014

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The main reason for the US withdrawal agreement on Iran”s nuclear program

The cost of oil reference marks are actively rising on Thursday, hitting its highest since late November 2014 . The reason was fears of lower supply of fuel on the world market, worsening geopolitical situation in the middle East and the US withdrawal from the multilateral agreement on the Iranian nuclear program, according to enkorr.

The quote of July futures for Brent crude on London’s ICE Futures exchange to 17:56 17 kV may rose $0,91 (1,15%) – to $80,19 per barrel.

Oil WTI with delivery in June on trading on the new York Mercantile exchange (NYMEX) by specified time has risen in price by $0,32 (0.45 percent) to $71,81 per barrel.

The main reason for the rapid growth in oil prices is the US withdrawal from semistrong agreement on the Iranian nuclear program and the inevitability of the introduction of sanctions by Washington against Tehran. According to various estimates this will reduce Iran”s oil exports by 0.3–1.0 million bbl./day. (b/s). A similar reduction after the introduction of the international anti-nuclear in 2011-2012 led to a rise in mirovice oil $74/bbl. to $120/bbl.

If the price of oil will reach the psychological level of $100/barrel. it will not have on the world economy such a detrimental influence, as in 2011, noted in the analysis performed by a group of economists in the Bloomberg order Economics.

At the same time, a recent report by the International energy Agency (IEA) States that after the fixing of world prices at $80/bbl. the value of the futures contracts of oil will go lower. The reason for this will be the reduction or elimination by governments of developing countries subsidize the purchase of motor and heating fuel.
Prices for Ukrainian gas stations today reacted to the rising oil prices.

Analysts believe that the EU is likely not going to withdraw from the agreement on the Iranian atom, and the consequences of U.S. sanctions are not so significant. However, with respect to other signals to reduce supplies and fuel reserves in the world, like the situation with Iran continues to increases in oil prices.

Prices for Ukrainian gas stations today reacted to the rising oil prices. In particular, 0.33 UAH./rose l all types of fuel at stations “Parallel”: A-92 – to 30.19 UAH/liter, A-95 – to 31,19 UAH/liter, A-95+ – to 31,79 UAH/l, diesel fuel – to UAH 28,69 gross gross/l. In networks, “Ukrgasdobycha”, “Belarusian Republican youth Union-Nafta”, “Ruhr group” and “Avtoport” gasoline and diesel fuel has risen by 10-50 kopecks./l. the Average price in the country on may 17 increased by 1-3 kopecks./l.

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