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The price of gas in Ukraine and the price of electricity will depend on the exchange |

Energomera should increase competition and lower prices for consumers


In Ukraine, working to create exchanges for the sale of natural gas and electricity, announced the Chairman of the national Commission on securities and stock market (NKTSBFR) Timur Limp. It is necessary for the correct internal pricing.

“We talked a lot about the formula of Rotterdam, but we need to build Rotterdam in Ukraine, and not to take the price from the ceiling, which somewhere formed. We’re talking about creating a full-fledged exchanges of electricity and natural gas in Ukraine. Global principles for international standards. Then we’ll have a fair price. We are already moving in this direction”, — emphasized Limp.

According to him, this will help the consumer get a fair price, primarily due to the increase in competition. Also, the securities Commission intends to initiate legislative changes in the electricity markets and natural gas to facilitate entry to us international players for the development of Ukrainian deposits. And while there is manual control energy prices, to us nobody will come, the expert believes. Potentially, the increased competition may gradually reduce energy prices by tens of percent.

“The increase of fair competition will ensure the establishment of fair prices. Each participant of these processes will have the opportunity for insurance, hedging risks associated with price fluctuations. Such tools are already in use in the world: to purchase gas in advance, this futures contracts, etc. If we move coordinated and harmoniously with the energy and other sectors of our economy, I think in two years we will be able to create and put Ukraine on investment, financial and global map as a country that determines the price of domestic energy resources and agricultural production”, — concluded the Limp.

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