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The price of oil collapsed because of Americans, but at the pump waiting |

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Nervously the market reacts to the us news on drilling, the fed rate hike and the shutdown, which closed Federal agencies in the United States


On the world oil market experienced a total meltdown. Futures on WTI fell by 6.7% to $42,53 per barrel for mark Brent — 6.2% (up to $50,49 per barrel). It all happened yesterday, on December 24, shortened because of the Christmas eve trading day. However, the experts discuss the difficult situation on the market so far.

“Commodity market today trading platforms are closed on the occasion of Catholic Christmas. Barrel to Say that one thing working against oil prices, it would be wrong. The results of the December meeting of the fed, and the shutdown and standby on commercial stocks of oil and oil products, and data on the number of oil drilling in the United States. However, it all lies on the surface. The market was enough “spark” to the whole crowd of emotional speculators ran in the same direction,” — said a senior analyst at Alpari Anna Bodrova.

Futures is 70% of the oil market, it is called “paper”. However, it dictates the prices for 30% of the real market which is not controlled by stock brokers, engineers, sailors tankersly and forwarders. Most analysts are afraid of failure the cost of production to $30-35 per barrel when production becomes economically disadvantageous.

Ukrainian filling extremely sluggish to respond to price failure in the world market. The difference between the wholesale price and the price of stelae stations reaches 30%.

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