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The Russian stock market collapsed again

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The market is reeling from the aggressive actions of the Russian Federation

On Monday evening, November 26, the Russian stock market showed a dip due to the events in the Kerch Strait, which raised fears the West imposing new sanctions on Russia, reports Interfax. Mosberg index lost 1.5% (published on 2308,5 points), while the RTS index is 2.6% (1084,17 points). Ruble prices of most of the major papers on “Moscow stock exchange” fell in the range of 4.5%.

The dollar jumped to 67,08 ruble (+0.89 per ruble).

In leaders of falling were shares of Sberbank (-4,5%), RUSAL (-3,9%), “Tatneft” (to -2.9%), RusHydro (and 2.8%), Aeroflot (-2,5%), ALROSA (down 2.3%), inter RAO (-1,9%), NOVATEK (-1,8%), Surgutneftegaz (1.6 million%), Raspadskaya (1.6 million%), Gazprom oil (1.6 million%), Novolipetsk metallurgical plant (1.6 million%).

At the same time, has slightly increased action of the Magnet (+0,8%), Rosneft (+0,4%), PJSC pole (+0,4%), Mechel (+0.2 percent).

“Short-term course of events depends on how to develop the external drama. If we connect the UN security Council, and the West will remember that like in the case of “tighten the screws” against Russia for Moscow and the Russian market, the coming weeks will be difficult. When the negative development index Mosberg headed toward 2,250 points may be lower. The neutral scenario suggests that in a couple of days and in the absence of news the market is aligned in the region 2320-2360 points,” commented senior analyst at Alpari Anna Bodrova.

Recall that yesterday Russian troops seized three Ukrainian ships in the Kerch Strait. Navy Armed forces of Ukraine called their aggression and attack from the Russian Federation: it is said that the ship carried a planned transition from the port of Odessa to the port of Mariupol. While the Russian side regarded the situation as a violation of its borders without warning. As a result, three Ukrainian ship (“Berdyansk”, “Nikopol” and “Yana Capa”) was captured by Russia. After that, the national security Council of Ukraine formally initiated the introduction in our country of martial law. The final decision should take the Verkhovna Rada.

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