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The securities Commission has revoked a license to work in the stock market

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In the absence of professional activities

The national Commission on securities and stock market has revoked the licenses issued for professional activity on the stock market. Permission lost 11 banks and 11 Finance companies.

This information is published in the decision of NCSSM. In particular, the report says that the licenses is cancelled Oschadbank, Citibank and Bank ¾ on the management of securities and underwriting. In addition, permissions are lost and Taskombank and Ukrgasbank. They took the opportunity to manage securities. Banks unison, Land capital and trust capital broke up with licenses for dealer activity. Deutsche Bank DBU Bank and Family – brokering. Also the Family Bank and Alfa-Bank Ukraine may not conduct underwriting.

In addition, licenses for underwriting is cancelled for companies such as Altana Capital, PI securities, Millennium Capital, IR A. I. S. T. – invest. License for dealer activities is cancelled for Zaporizhstal-AG, Planeta SERVIS, Phoenix. The companies Information and global Depository center, Kiev-the dealer took a license for securities management. The securities Commission also annulled the permission of the Board to conduct Depository activities with securities.And also lost the opportunity to carry out brokerage activity, the company Stokmarket-invest. Licenses have been canceled due to lack of activity on the stock market over the last 18 months.

Recall that recently the securities Commission has changed the requirements for disclosure of securities issuers, increasing the number of reports and expanding their volumes.

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