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The stock market in Russia is falling, the ruble depreciates

On the stock exchange sale

The Russian stock market experienced a drop against the background of Russia’s aggression against Ukraine in the Kerch Strait. So, the RTS index is one of the main Russian stock indicators fell this morning below the level of 1100 points under the pressure of sales on the exchange. In the morning trading session RTS index has fallen to 1099,79 point (-1,2%) – minimum for the year was 1080,70 index Mosberg fell to 2322,08 paragraph (-0,9%) is the lowest since the end of October, the ruble prices of most of the major “chips” on the Moscow stock exchange fell 1.8%, according to Interfax.

The ruble also fell to the dollar gives 66,51 of the ruble.

However, analysts noted that the market for Russian securities may move against the background of recovery in oil prices, which are creeping up after Friday’s collapse.

We will remind, in the afternoon of November 25, 2018 the South of the Crimean bridge, the ship’s Navy rammed the Ukrainian tow “Yani mouthpiece”, which with small armored “Berdyansk” and “Nikopol” was flying from Odessa to Mariupol. The Russians missed the group of the Navy in the sea of Azov, and in the evening, when she went in the opposite direction, attacked the fire at the outlet of the Kerch Strait about 25 km from the coast of the Crimea. Wounded six Ukrainian sailors, they are held by the Russian military.

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