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To a scrapping premium for new cars ?

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You want to end 2018 with a car newer than 1st January ? The proposal of a scrapping premium for vehicles of opportunities could be the answer to your wish, provided you convince the minister of Economy and Finance.

Scrapping premium : an ambitious idea

Revive the new home market while improving the fleet of vehicles of opportunity : here is the challenge that seeks to address the Conseil national des professions de l’automobile (CNPA), which brings together the professionals of the sector. To achieve this, the organization has just handed over to Emmanuel Macron, minister of Economy, Industry and Digital technology, a white paper containing proposals to help the market of the used car. Amongst the ideas discussed included the idea of a scrapping premium for vehicles of opportunities. According to Ariel Cabanes, director of forecasting and public affairs at the NFPC, this reform constitutes one of the pillars of the white paper, due to the alarming situation the park is a French car. At the present time, France would be home to 10 million vehicles over 10 years old, 60% of which run on diesel and to escape the new emissions standards.

A reward of up to 1000 euros

The main objective would, of course, to help motorists to purchase a vehicle is more recent, in a morose economic context, which is felt on the purchasing power. In fact, the bonus would take the form of a state aid of an amount between 500 and 1000 euros. So far, such an incentive does not penalise the finances of the State, by raising the VAT. According to the data gathered by the CNPA, in 2017, approximately 60% of sales of used vehicles have been made between individuals. By boosting purchases of new vehicles to the professionals of the automobile, the scrapping premium for cars would inject fresh money into the real economy. Moreover, to strengthen his proposal, the national Council of professions of the car offers to be the guarantor of a device ready to very low rate to households.

The market for second-hand car in France

More than a simple economic measure, the scrapping premium for new cars is also meant to be green : by replacing your used car for a new vehicle, you contribute to the decrease of the pollution on the roads of france. The bet is not won, in the light of the attractiveness of used cars for French motorists, who are ready to pay 14.360 € on average for a vehicle showing 15.868 kilometers yearly driven. According to the Committee of French car manufacturers CCFA, small cars, entry-level type Volkswagen Polo, Peugeot 208 or Renault Twingo has accounted for more than half of total sales in 2017.

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