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NSSMC has changed the rules of dividend payment for the PAO

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Companies had no choice and left with only one method of payment of money

The national Commission on securities and stock market has changed the rules of payment of dividends for public joint stock companies. Refine touch method of payment of dividends.

Now joint-stock companies whose shares were admitted to trading on a stock exchange, or they received public offer are required to pay dividends only through the Depository system. This is the official online NSSMC.

The rest joint-stock companies left the right to select the method of payment of dividends. The money will pay shareholders directly or through Depository system.

Also, NSSMC said that dividends should be proportional to the number of shares. The owners of shares of the same type and class should receive money in proportion to the number of purchased securities. In addition, the same should be the conditions of payment of funds to holders of securities.

Recall that the securities Commission has improved the procedure for the admission of shares to trading on the stock exchanges. Amendments to the Regulation on functioning of stock exchanges, which improved the activities of stock exchanges.

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