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Uber intends to engage in the placement of shares over $8 billion |

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Now in terms of market capitalization after the IPO, the company is second only to Alibaba and Facebook


American company for the taxi service Uber in its initial public offering (IPO) intends to raise $8.1 billion the Service has placed a 180 million shares at $45 per unit. The price of securities close to the lower boundary of the previously announced price range of $44-50, according to Reuters.

On Thursday evening the company called the value of the shares at the time of placement that will take place on Friday, may 10. Thus the company’s market capitalization of $82 billion.

In the last round of private investors, Uber was valued at $76 billion In October of 2018 Goldman Sachs and Morgan Stanley, who participated in the organization of the Uber IPO that valued the company at $120 billion But the service in April of this year, hoping investors will estimate it at $100 billion.

Such a level could be affected by several factors. Key analysts believe the fall in the value of securities of the taxi service Lyft, Uber’s competitor, writes Business Insider. Shares of competitor commenced on 29 March at a price of $72 per unit. After the auction, may 9 shares Lyft cost 23% less than the offering price ($55,18).

Analysts from Bloomberg believe that Uber has placed the shares on the stock exchange due to unfavorable conditions that marred, particularly, the aggravation of the trade war between China and the United States: last week the S&P 500 index, which takes into account the capitalization of the 500 largest U.S. companies, has dropped significantly.

And despite the fact that the stock Uber placed very close to the lower price range, the IPO should be one of the largest. According to Reuters, the market capitalization of the service is inferior only to two companies: the Chinese online platform Alibaba, whose value after the IPO in 2014 were $168 billion, and Facebook, which were evaluated after the IPO in 2012 at $104 billion.

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