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“Ukrainian exchange” again sells securities

Trading on the stock market has suspended six months ago due to the introduction of anti-Russian sanctions

“Ukrainian exchange” (UB) has resumed trading of securities in the mode of quotations. Supplier trading platform made Sanlayn, OOO (Dnipro). Trading system SLTrade will help to put quotes and enter into bilateral transactions with securities, including repo operations, and will also be used for trading in the commodity market.

According to the Director of business development, UB Alexey Sukhorukov, the choice of the company “Sunline” was dictated by her willingness to restore the trades in the shortest hours.

“Last week started a trial operation of the system with the 11 most active participants. This week is already connected to all the bidders,” said Director of business development of “Ukrainian stock exchange” Alexey Suhorukov in an interview to “Interfax-Ukraine”.

As previously reported by the UBR stock has suspended trading all securities in the mode of conventional applications.

The corresponding decision is due to the inclusion of “Moscow exchange” in the updated list of legal entities subject to the personal special economic and other restrictive measures (sanctions).

Sanctions, in particular, suggest a ban for Ukrainian companies to use in their activities the software of the Moscow stock exchange on which the built software UB.

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