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Ukrainians will be able to buy government bonds in Privat24 – the securities Commission is changing the rules

Sell government bonds to natural persons no additional identification

Buying bonds Treasury bonds ordinary Ukrainians in mobile applications banks may soon become a reality. Recently, the national Commission on securities and stock market announced on its web site several documents, in particular, should simplify the access of foreign investors and ordinary Ukrainians to the securities market. The latter will be able to invest not only in bonds, but in local bonds and shares of Ukrainian companies.

So, NSSMC proposes to add rules for the implementation of activities on securities trading of a number of important points, without which it is impossible to organize the remote sale of government bonds to individuals.
First of all, the Commission introduces the concept of software system, under which, among other things, you can understand the built-in classic banking application software, can identify the client. Such applications can be used for trading government bonds, provided that they comply with the rules of the national Commission and included in its speciest.

Bank merchant directly allowed to enter into, modify and terminate the contract with their customers directly in an application. The subject of these transactions can be:

  • Properties (only for qualified investors).
  • Government securities, local bonds, securities of collective investment institutions of open type, as well as shares and bonds, which are admitted to trading on the stock exchange (for individuals).

The procedure removes the merchant’s need to carry out identification and verification of the client if such procedure was carried out before. What is also essential for the admission of natural persons to the securities market. After all, any Ukrainian with a Bank account has passed authentication.

The national Commission also established a mandatory “barrier” condition for banks, so they did not introduce people astray, promising sky-high yields on the securities. Before you sign a contract, the financial institution will be obliged to notify the client about the course of the exchange securities (market value), as well as set the period of time for reflection. During which the person can accept or refuse the transaction.

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