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US stocks recovered

High-tech companies have published reports

The US stock market corrected in a positive way against the background of published reports of high-tech companies. This is evidenced by the Nasdaq.

Yesterday, U.S. stocks suffered a record decline.

The Dow Jones index grew 0.78% to 24775,34 points, the index high-tech NASDAQ companies — 1.89%, to 7242,62 points, the index of wide market S&P 500 by 1.11% to 2685,45 points.

  • Microsoft stock rising Thursday at 6% after reporting the company’s earnings growth of 34%, to $ 8.8 billion for the first quarter of the 2018-2019 Vigoda. Tesla shares jumped 10% at opening and continue to trade in positive territory by 9% amid the release of the company plus income in the third quarter after a series of unprofitable quarters earlier.
  • American cable operator Comcast Corp. grew revenues for the first nine months of the year by 6% to 66.66 billion. The profit of the company increased by 19.2% to 7,736 billion dollars. Paper company reaches 5%.


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