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Warning against dubious loan offers on the Internet

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On the Internet many temptations, loans spite of debt collection or credit without ZEK/SCHUFA, credit with Foreign banks, etc. are circulating

Don’t fall for these loan providers!


In this case provider shall be liable for not only the funding of a loan, but only to the payment of high fees. They draw the people who are stuck in financial distress, the last of the money out of your pocket!

In spite of small credit act (KKG), there are still several rogue companies on the Internet. So search a dubious provider carefully! And, above all, you pay NO fees! Often the companies offer only Finance the renovation. You will quickly realize that it is only illegal enticements and promises. Most of the loan companies advertise the search lock offers that come from abroad, such as Germany, Austria, England, Spain, etc. For the individual customer it is impossible here to take the legal action as these companies are active abroad. Since 2003, it is prohibited from (KKG) of the law strictly, additional fees for a credit to the customer’s demand.

We provide a list of the most common Tricks of the credit rip-off:

Financial restructuring
Consumers in need of money grave at every straw. So, unconditional credit offers à la “We reject no one!”, “With us you get a loan without a credit check.” will appear tempting. But be careful, this is a trap.

For consumers in Finanzöten search offers of credit intermediaries is often the last hope. However, in reality, a trap hidden behind it: “Instead of the hoped-for Windfall customers will get an invoice sent to you.” The financial Hardship can increase. The reason is that Instead of a credit intermediation, customers have a so-called fee-based financial rehabilitation commissioned. “This is nothing more than a commercial debt counselling, but without any guarantee that the Situation of the consumer is improved.

Not even a Activity should provide the financial restructuring specialist, to the customer. “This means that the consumer should pay a bill without the alleged intermediary has to prove that he has paid the amount owed.

Even if the financial problems are big: the customer should have just for such promises are no contracts to sign, you do not read attentively. “In the contracts emerges, the term ‘financial restructuring’ and the fee agreement, often only in the small print, then you prefer the Finger. Deals in which something is paid in advance or cod is required, should avoid consumer.

Loan without ZEK / SCHUFA
Did you know that all of credit banks, credit report required information to the ZEK as well as the information office for consumer credit (IKO). You will be promised a loan without a credit check or without a ZEK, a cheater is with great probability behind it.

Credit, in spite of the operation
A second lure of attempt is often on the driver. On the Internet loans are offered in spite of prosecutions and promised. Do you have any debt enforcements so they are usually considered as not credit-worthy. Read our Blog post, “can I Get a loan with a open-enforcements?”

A credit intermediary to earn the Commission which will be reimbursed by the Bank and not to the processing fees. For the protection of the consumer, all charges must be included in the loan interest rate. However, loan scammers ask on the Internet networks, first, a payment in advance to send the contract documents. If fees are requested, this is not a reputable lender.

More line on 0900-number
Dubious companies promise cheap instant loans. Those interested will have to call an expensive 0900-number, and then keep this up for hours. But behind it is a cost trap, which comes to you tax.

Instant loans
In the case of an empty promise of instant credit. So that the customer can leave the whole again through the head, from the Set (KKG), the micro-credit may only be taken after 14 days paid. So it is impossible to immediately of the money.

Unrealistic Interest Rate Offered
A mediator advertises low interest rates, so you should ignore this consistently! In Switzerland, the lowest credit interest rate of 5.9% up to a maximum of 15 %.

Foreign Banks/Intermediaries
Check the (commercial register) is whether the Bank/intermediaries, which will give you a small loan so promises to be registered. The company has however an address in Switzerland, it does not mean that the company is registered in the commercial register. We recommend you to the company in the check ch. Foreign banks/intermediaries without a banking licence may be awarded in Switzerland no consumer credit.

Imprint / General Terms And Conditions
In the General terms and conditions / imprint you can find more detailed information on the activities of the credit provider. And lo and behold, there are no credit provider, and and certainly not a broker, but these only provide information available!

Example Extract From The General Terms And Conditions:
The information provided to the respective providers are solely those of the respective providers and are provided without warranty for its content and the resulting information and calculations. The operator of this Website is not a credit institution or a credit intermediary. He provides information on the topic of financial restructuring and loans, and offers the possibility of various providers, offers, and financial restructuring to compare the variants to each other.

Fixed office address and phone number
Since a year of each company is the website committed to a legal notice, on the page, to be shown. The imprint shows whether it is from a reputable company or not. Can be seen, the fixed office address, phone number and the commercial register number should be. You should not trust any website, neither company registration number, address nor phone number. Attention you can only find a mobile number, we advise you to contact the company.

Incompetent Staff
A credit intermediary should have well-trained personnel, with proper knowledge of German in word and writing. There is no harm, in the case of a provider to call in order to get a sense of who is behind a supposedly reputable website.

In the case of debt, Contact a cantonal consulting office

  • You avoid debt restructuring, advertise in the Newspapers or ad post in which households send
  • People with money troubles should also be Offered on the Internet, be extremely careful
  • You never make an advance payment, when you receive an offer for debt restructuring or for the provision of a loan
  • Call never a credit intermediary, which are only accessible via an expensive 0900-number to
  • You contact with debt problem at one of the cantonal debt advice agencies.

Addresses of reputable debt advice agencies

Financial restructuring is NOT a credit!
Except expenses nothing had happened!

In the case of the company’s financial restructuring agreements, there is no disbursement of a loan amount, but only to a refurbishment of existing debt (the debt settlement). A financial recovery company is trying to agree in an interview with the creditors, payment facilities. Many consumers understand under the term of financial rehabilitation, the provision of a loan, and, therefore, write the ended contracts.

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