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What requirements do I need for a loan?

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This is a frequently asked question. But no one wants to or can give correct information. We will explain to you how the banks decide which criteria must be met and a go on the most important special cases.

Basic requirements – these criteria must be met:

  • Minimum age 20 years maximum of 68 years
  • Resident in Switzerland or in the Principality of Liechtenstein
  • Swiss citizenship or residence permit B or C residence permit
  • Regular income from has not been cancelled, permanent employment (or a pension)
  • Minimum net income from 2800.- (The load testing gem. Small loan act)
  • No enforcement, loss seem to and seizures have

Here we go on special cases:

Credit for Temporary employees

Temporary often have obtained a a credit. Many banks refuse to risk such a loan reasons, requests.

The basic premise is that you work at least 1 year in the same Temporary company and a regular income.

Credit for the self-employed

Self-employed at the end of a Problem, often have to obtain a loan. Many banks refuse to risk such a loan reasons, requests.

The basic premise is that you are for at least 2 years as a freelancer and the final tax settlement can have, in a year income in excess of CHF 40’000.-

Credit for AHV pensioners

For pensioners, it is often difficult to obtain a loan. In the case of most financial institutions, the loan must debt before the age of 65. Years paid. We offer loans for pensioners up to 68 years. The Minimum pension must be 3000.- per M. amount and you should be free from any prosecutions.

Loans for IV pensioners

For IV pensioners, it is often difficult to obtain a loan. Most of the financial institutions reject the IV pensioners. We offer loans for IV pensioners. The Minimum pension must be 3000.- per M. amount and you should be free from any prosecutions.

Loan for the unemployed

Unfortunately loans for the unemployed are not possible.

Credit for cross-border commuters

If you are a frontier worker, you can contact us. The minimum requirement for cross-border workers 3 years in CH and 3 years with the same employer.

Can I apply for with my marriage Partner (cohabiting) with a loan?

Yes. Your marriage Partner must give in a credit request with her/his signature the consent to put together the credit, but as a joint and several debtor in the credit agreement.

By the Partner is taken into account in the Budget, you can get a higher amount of credit at better terms.

Can I receive credit outside of Switzerland?

No. We can only grant you a financing, if you have in Switzerland or in the Principality of Liechtenstein resident. People who live outside of these countries, we will grant no credit.

I receive a foreigner card B for a loan?

Yes, if you are staying for at least 12 months in Switzerland your residence permit at the time of the loan application is still valid and you have, in addition, an ongoing and open-ended employment contract.

Credit with debt collection?

Basically, in the case of open prosecutions, is not a loan.

In the case of paid enforcement, the probability to get a loan bigger. Read our Blog post “credit with any debt enforcements”. Here you can learn more about this topic.

Loan without ZEK?

In Switzerland, a Bank loan without ZEK entry, gem. (KKG) is not allowed.

In the case of any credit verification your number is verified the behavior of the ZEK. In the case of negative entries, no Swiss credit Bank granted a credit.

You ask the Central office for credit information (ZEK) your personal statement. This is a free Service. Check the accuracy of the data, and if there are any discrepancies, please contact the responsible credit institution to clean the case.

If your statement shows a serious Codes (e. g. part or Full of losses or debt collection measures) is a credit application no chance. You would only provoke unnecessary entries, which decreases your chances of getting a loan.

Here is more information about each of the topics:

  • Staff ZEK extract demand
  • What are the ZEK is

Loan with good credit experience

They had already paid once a loan, lease or credit card and the Installments always on time? Then you belong to the privileged borrowers! The banks appreciate good payers, especially in the current low interest rates and very good Scoring values is noticeable.

For people without credit experience of the banks charge a higher risk, this has an influence on the interest rate and the amount of the loan.

Always, the success of the preparation depends. When it comes to successfully take out a loan, is this true twice. As a Credit applicant, you must meet a number of requirements when it will come to lending.

We know the market and know where you have the best chances of getting your loan. We will create for you a professional credit dossier and take over the entire loan settlement. We represent your concerns competently and safely to the banks.

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