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In the Face of declining sales, the tobacco companies are betting on the heated tobacco, which is supposed to be less harmful. Revolution or fuming?

The good resolutions. No one really believes this, but that’s part of the charm of the festivals of end of the year. To greet 2018, André Calantzopoulos has decided to stop smoking. Wise decision. But hey, it there to pay for a full page in the most prestigious u.k. daily newspapers to announce the good news…

What you need to make clear is that our man is the big boss of Philip Morris International, the largest seller of cigarettes in the world, 761 billion Marlboro, L&M, and other Chesterfield passed last year – and that he did not speak of himself, but of his shop : “Every year, many smokers quit tobacco. Now it is our turn. Our ambition is to discontinue the sale of cigarettes in the United Kingdom. This will not be easy (…) there are 7.6 million adults in this country. We will not be able to register a real benefit to the public health when a large number will cigarettes better products.”

A stunning profession of faith due to a 31 overwatered ? Not even : our man has for several times reiterated his comments, extending its desire for abstinence to the entire planet !

Listen to Emmanuel Botta back on the latest finds marketing of tobacco at the micro Voice Express (on Soundcloud)

The eldorado of the heated tobacco

An epiphany far from being devoid of interest. Because Philip Morris already markets in thirty countries on that famous “best product” : the Iqos, for I Quit Ordinary Tuxedo (“I have to stop smoking ordinary”), launched in 2015. In the summer garden of a palace in paris, Julien Anfruns, director of public affairs and communications at Philip Morris France, we made the article. “Inside, there’s a blade that heats, without burning, the charge composed of tobacco that is compressed in order to exhale the aromas in the form of vapor of tobacco, but with 90 to 95 % of the toxic products in less compared to a conventional cigarette.”

The device, a sort of pen with a minimalist design, does not exceed 250 degrees heating, avoiding combustion (at 900 degrees). Combustion results in the formation of carbon monoxide, benzene, and dozens of carcinogens.

“A revolution in technology and health that will simply make us change our industry,” ignites Eric Sensi-Minautier, the director for Western Europe, public affairs and legal chez British American Tobacco (BAT). The second largest producer of tobacco in the world – Dunhill, Lucky Strike, Pall Mall, etc. – has also launched recently its own supply of tobacco is heated, the Glo, Korea, Japan, Italy, Switzerland, and in the next few months in France. Japan Tobacco International and Imperial Tobacco, the other two tobacco giants, would work actively on their side on the subject.

Thanks to prevention campaigns, the percentage of smokers in the world increased from 25 % in 2005 to 20 % in 2015. Sarkar

7 million deaths per year caused by tobacco

If the tobacco companies show themselves to be suddenly concerned about the health of their customers, it is that the tide has turned. The good old cibiche, long synonymous with fun and glamour, looks more and more in the spirit of the people of coffin nails, in the words of actor Humphrey Bogart, inveterate smoker die of cancer of the esophagus. In fact, 1 consumer 2 to succumb to a tobacco-related disease.

A awareness that very clearly. According to the world health Organization, the percentage of smokers has risen from 25 % in 2005 to 20 % in 2015. The taxes are always higher, combined with mass campaigns of prevention, have borne their fruit. A love that touches, doubling the tobacco companies to the portfolio : in addition to the erosion of sales, the latter see it as a (small) part of the world of finance to turn their backs. According to the NGO Tobacco Free Portfolios, which is the lobbying of the great prevent it to disengage from the tobacco industry that they may have already was divested of nearly 10 billion euros over the past five years ! Bankers, insurers, and investment funds, who argued for a true awareness, but to anticipate especially the acceleration of the fall in sales.

The electronic cigarette as Trojan

Not the type to watch their business go up in smoke with nothing to do, the captains of the tobacco are made of the floor of hard, their engineers and their marketing teams. But it is ultimately thanks to the electronic cigarette that the solution appeared. Delirium geek, the vaping is spent in only a few years to a use of mass, to the point of being 10 to 20 % of regular smoking in some countries, like France, Great Britain and the United States.

The reason for this flare up unexpectedly ? The mildness of the e-cig and the fact that it allows, depending on the number of tabacologues, wean yourself off of the cibiche to dad. Caught short, the manufacturers are going to start by buying gold for a few nuggets of the sector. But at less than 1 euro for the refill of e-liquid nicotiné for the equivalent of a package, they quickly understood that they were in the process of sawing off the branch on which they are sitting comfortably for decades.

“So, they decided to use the electronic cigarette as a” Trojan horse, ” explains Gérard Audureau, the spokesman of the association of the rights of non-smokers. A decision is then taken out fissa the heated tobacco boxes (read below), which, after a good shot of ripolinage marketing, becomes : “A revolutionary product that combines the best of both worlds, the potential of the lower harmfulness of the electronic cigarettes and the real taste of tobacco,” assures us Eric Sensi-Minautier BAT. Clever, and devilishly effective. “The people that I see in the office are aware of the harmfulness of tobacco products, but they dream of a product that would allow them to maintain their consumption while minimizing the risks,” laments the doctor addictologue Anne-Laurence Le Faou. Because the problem is precisely that the mildness of this technology is widely questioned.

A phenomenon of incomplete combustion

Number of tabacologues refute, in particular, the absence of combustion. They are based on a recent independent study, conducted at the Iqos by Reto Auer, physician-researcher, and Jacques Cornuz, its director, in the polyclinic of Lausanne, Switzerland. A study published in the very serious american journal Jama Internal Medicine, highlighting the phenomenon of pyrolysis or incomplete combustion – that is triggered by the heated tobacco. “We found, admittedly in a lesser proportion, of the carbon monoxide, the same volatile organic compounds, and the same pitches as in a conventional cigarette, which proves the pyrolysis”, interpret the two swiss physicians. “Contrary to what one might believe, there can be smoke without fire, just to see what gives the chicken and leave for several hours in an oven at 220 degrees,” says Reto Auer.

The physician specialist services Marion Adler reminds us of, “that even if this product emits less harmful substances, it must be borne in mind that smoking one to three cigarettes per day is enough to multiply by three the risk of cardiovascular accidents”. If researchers and healthcare professionals show themselves to be terribly skeptical, is that tobacco companies have, until now, rarely kept their word. “We have already made the shot fifty years ago with the filter, and then with cigarette light which proved to be even more dangerous, as to have their dose of nicotine, people aspire more strong,” plague is the director of the national Committee against smoking, Emmanuelle Beguinot. The problem being that it takes an average of twenty-five years of hindsight to know the harmfulness actual product…

As many arguments that have the gift to irritate the industry, the first of which Philip Morris. The powerful multinational did not hesitate to put pressure on the dean of the faculty of Lausanne for the study to be withdrawn, while proposing to him to continue to work on the subject… but their sides ! Nervousness is understandable when we know that their whole strategy is based on the supposed mildness. In addition to the power of the argument to appeal to the barge, it allowed them to see their tax rates – 80 % in France, – almost divided by two !

“In 11 countries in Europe, including France, the Iquos is classified in a category of its own, and this will also be the case of Great-Britain and Poland to 2019”, welcomes Julien Anfruns, while swallowing greedily a mini-pastries. All additional profits made, since the refills are sold at around 7 euros 20, or roughly the price of a pack classic. The icing on the cartridge, the converted will also have to shed from 70 to 100 euros to acquire the machine, currently only available in certain tobacco and online, but that could have its own flagships, such as in Germany and Italy. Of customizable devices (cases, tips etc) to a few tens of euros extra, and which are not, of course eternal…. A juicy business that has brought in more than € 5 billion to Philip Morris, just by 2017 !

Intense lobbying for tobacco companies

A beautiful adventure (financial) that could spoil the legislature. The european Union has launched a major consultation with its member States, and is expected to issue its recommendations in the first half of 2019.

Brussels has launched a consultation on the heated tobacco and will make its recommendations in the first half of 2019. DUNAND

In the United States, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is also investigating the folder with attention. The tobacco giants, like every time that their business is threatened, were sent to the front their lobbyists the most experienced. Philip Morris, yet he went a step further by creating in the autumn of 2017, the “Foundation for a tobacco-free world”. It was necessary to dare ! Foundation that it will fund to the tune of almost 70 million euros per year over the next twelve years.

What put off her Carmen Audera-Lopez, the head of the anti-tobacco program of the world health Organization. “If they were really to a world without tobacco, they would do everything to convert the emerging countries, and they would not withstand their time to pursue legal actions against the tobacco control policies : let’s be serious, their only goal is to promote their new product”. And Emmanuelle Beguinot to remember that, “what they are investing in the foundation represents barely half of what they spend to sponsor the team Ferrari in F1, then the issue is counted in tens of billions of sales”.

A world without smoke ? Has see. Without smoking ? Not won !

ZOOM. The heated tobacco, an old technology twenty years

The Iqos, Philip Morris, the Glo British American Tobacco, real breakthrough innovations, as like to repeat the tobacco industry ? This “big news”, has, in fact, already twenty years of age. Unlike the conquest of our first football world Cup, few people remember the launch in 1998 by Philip Morris, of Agreement, and then to Oasis a year later. For good reason, these first two models of cigarettes the tobacco is heated by an electrical resistance have made it an oven absolute. The taste, in particular, bothered highly to lovers of cibiche. “It is the success of the electronic cigarette that gave the idea to the manufacturers out of the cartons this technology by presenting it as revolutionary, as, supposedly less harmful,” says Stephen Lequet, the director of the association of the rights of non-smokers.

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