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Where can I get the cheapest loan?

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The Swiss credit market is very crowded today and there are more deals than ever. To find the cheapest credit offer is, therefore, certainly not easily.

Many banks and financial institutions advertise with low interest rates. Most often, the consumer will receive a credit application a more expensive offer.
Due to the constantly changing prices, as well as laws, it does not give a consumer is practically possible, the self-an Overview. What not many people know that the wage plays in the supply of credit is a big role, but the entire credit will be assessed.
The interest rate alone does not make the offer, because of the loan provider, the good interest rates, do not offer that Service but the customer Hotline
plus waiting time will be charged.

To achieve a good credit rating with the banks is for sure the first step to
cheapest credit offer.

The following points are observed in the case of a loan credit check:

– Duration Of Stay In Switzerland
Type of income: permanently employed, Temporarily employed, hourly wage, self-employed, pensioners
– Length of employment
– The renter or the owner
– Debt collection report
– ZEK information: payment morale of older or existing loans
– Number of denied and open credit requests

Rejections to avoid

As listed Rejected loan requests can worsen the credit rating and lead in the worst case, even to the rejection of the credit request.
The eligibility criteria for this loan are different for the company. The banks adhere strictly to their provisions. It is therefore counterproductive to make a credit request in a Bank, where the requirements are not met. What condition must be met for a loan request, do not communicate, the banks will be open.
To get the best credit, you should apply, therefore, the best to a credit expert because of the credit points of the banks, familiar and always up-to-date in the credit market.

About our credit request a free consultation

Credit experts will benefit. So in the case of an existing loan a credit counseling is worth it, since a Loan settlement is possible at any time.

Loans from abroad

In Switzerland, a credit for foreign Residence is
only possible if you have a residence permit G, and since at least
three years continuously working in Switzerland.
For a serious credit offer we recommend, therefore, to apply only to Domestic providers. For citizens of Germany for a Comprehensive loan comparison of is offered. The offers are up to date and easily the best credit offer.

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