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World Bank launches Blockchain Offered New Debt Instrument

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The project is using a private blockchain for Ethereum database

The world Bank has ordered the Australian Commonwealth Bank to launch the world’s first blockchain-bond (bond, bond company or state).

Bond will be the world’s first obligation is created, distributed, transmitted and managed using the blockchain technology a distributed registry that keeps a record of all transactions in the network, reports ProfitGid.

The bond will be produced and distributed on the blockchain the platform under the guidance of the world Bank and the Australian Commonwealth Bank.

Mastercard will make blockchain transactions are anonymous

The world Bank has noted that investors ‘ demand for new bonds is quite high. The technology itself is still a matter of controversy: would provide speed and security, or because of the hype bubble will burst.

As previously reported, UBR, co-founder of Australian website about cryptocurrency Finder Fred Šebesta announced the intention to create the world’s first scriptbank. After evaluating the growing interest in digital currencies and a huge number of visitors to the site, Šebesta decided to increase their investment in new technology.

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